Who We Are


The Dayton Fellowship Club is a not-for-profit, community-based grassroots organization which is dedicated to providing educational, emotional, social, and recreational

support to individuals, families, and communities that suffer the devastation of active addiction. The Club has become a beacon of hope for those who, in utter desperation, find their way to our doors.

Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Meeting ID: 960-7456-3087
  • Meeting Password: 645181

Virtual Video Meetings Now being held Every Saturday 12 pm – 2 pm. Click the link below for information on how to join.


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The Club was established in 1990 by grateful men and women who had found recovery and wanted to share the good news that “once an addict, you don’t have to stay in active addiction.” The Club is a walk-in facility that provides direction, reality, context and resource services to individuals and families in need. It is a foundation of hope.