Our History

The Dayton Fellowship Club was established September of 1990. Many addicts have been introduced to recovery as a result of this walk-in facility. The doors of the Club remain open because people who once neglected Their families, employers and neighbors in order to support drug habits, now support this foundation of hope.

In the summer of 1990 various members of the recovering community felt that there was a need for more 12- Step meetings in West Dayton to accommodate the increased number of people who were trying to stop using drugs. In August, this group of recovering addicts approached Troy Bass with their concerns because he had significant clean time and experience starting Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and other types of 12-Step meetings. His compassion and identification with the struggles of those seeking what he had already found, led him to give support, including access to a former gas station building he owned at the corner of Riverview and Philadelphia Avenues. He gave the keys to Marvin Starks and Alan Walder that provided a foundation to begin their journey. The group established a schedule of daily meetings at 10 PM and proposed that a second meeting be held each day at noon.

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